Hi, friends and HBD to our fave city! Well, it was when we recorded lol Join us this week as we discuss whether obsessing over new pans makes you an adult, bad relationship habits, and all the shenanigans we've been up to lately!


As always, thanks to our pals for making our podcast happen!

Hi, friends! We're back in the Treehouse this week talking about Susie's favorite tv shows and Instagram reels lately, how our Real Housewives icon shocks us this season, and Ivy's inability to sleep through the night! Summer is finally almost here which means lots of travel plans, celebrating birthdays, and more live shows from our fave Fort Worth bands. And don't worry, Ivy updates everyone on the Tinder experiment. 

As always, thanks to our pals for making this episode possible!

Ivy and Susie had a change of venue this week and are podcasting from The Casita. Mandy Hand of the band Big Heaven came to hang out with us!

We think we have figured out the numbering of our shows. We have a giggle about the metronome, discuss the proper way to eat hot wings, find out all about the seedy underground of Newport Beach, and Ivy tells us about her new earrings. They are so cute! 
We talk all about all the things we've been up to the past couple of weeks. Susie is checking things off her list, and Ivy has all sorts of social experiments happening. We hope you have fun with our new iteration of red flags vs dealbreakers. We had some very big opinions on some hot takes! 
Finally, Mandy was kind enough to come on and discuss Big Heaven's new cassingle from Dreamy Life Records called Last Words to my Lover- which is super cute because side A is Last Words and side B is a cover of TSwift's Lover.  Both songs are excellent and obsession-worthy! Listen, support, buy the music on all major outlets. Keep an eye out for upcoming shows, because this band is great! 


And follow Big Heaven here:
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Welcome back to the Treehouse for another episode of Fort Worth Famous!  During this episode Ivy and Susie get you caught up on things and stuff.  Why does Susie have a beef with the Jerry Jonestown Massacre? What's Ivy obsessing about? And why does Ivy hate Susie reading the show notes out loud?! We talk about music happenings in Fort Worth and play a super fun game of Red Flags, Deal Breakers or Love it! And lucky us, Ivy didn't have to edit Susie at all. This was a fun episode with lots of laughs! Let us know what you think in the comments! 

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Okay, okay I know you've been patiently waiting for this one so here it is! Mom tossed an editing doozy at me and it took some TIME (meaning I actually had to sit down and do it...you guys know me by now, yes?) - xoxo Ivy

Episode 33 finds Ivy and Susie alone in the treehouse, doing what we do – which is a lot of laughing and telling stories. Which plant on the Native Texas Plant list is the one that Susie has failed at keeping alive time and again, but she is determined to try once again? Which book series is Ivy obsessed with? TSwift is putting out some re-releases that are *chef's kiss* and which movie is our favorite from the vault? Susie has been spending ALL the money in her head. Ivy updates us on her dating life and getting catfished.

As always, thanks to our pals for making this podcast possible! You know who you are! 


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Susie and Ivy welcomed the boys from The Jet Noise into the Tree House this week! Matt Thomas and Chris Grucza join in as we talk about our obsessions, what we've been up to, and, of course, what's going on with The Noise. Ivy got a new keyboard and I may be as obsessed with it as she is. Has anyone else out there got the Crocs flip-flops? Holy cow they are so comfy! Matt Thomas joined Ivy and fam for family game night, Susie went to a Rock n' Roll Rummage sale, and both visited Mammal Fest. Find out how Ivy's horoscope is affecting her dating life and we all play Red Flags vs. Deal Breakers! The Jet Noise has a virtual show coming up on April 24th with Professor Fuzz 67, so keep an eye out for an invite to that so you can hear what they're doing! Fingers crossed for some live shows in the near future! 

As always, thanks to our pals for making this podcast possible! You know who you are! 
Juma joined Ivy and Susie in the Treehouse this episode and I think we might have laughed from beginning to end! Listen in to find out Susie's obsessive pet peeve and which make-up brand upset Ivy by calling her skin tone "hint of marshmallow".  Susie has been doing ALL the adult things. I love it when Ivy talks about her dates and this week does not disappoint - learn how things went with a flat-earther AND a mama's boy. Juma sprinkles stories and pro-tips throughout the episode and lets us know what he's got going on in his world. Big hint - it isn't music...
As always, thanks to our pals for making this podcast possible! You know who you are! 
We're back! It's been almost a month because of the snow/ice storm on Valentine's Day, but we are back in the Treehouse with our pal, Neal McAlister! Listen in to find out what we've been up to over the last four weeks because it's been a lot. Susie has downloaded a new game to her phone, Ivy is working on hanging up hammock chairs in the Treehouse, and both are excited to hear about what Neal has been cooking up! 
It was a good time spent talking about the possibility of Ivy getting a new piercing, Susie's misadventures with Buddy, and is Ivy really going on a date with a Flat Earther? 
Neal joins in on red flags vs. deal-breakers before diving into his music and poetry. With new music coming out monthly, you can find him on all the apps including Bandcamp, Spotify, and his website nealelliottmcalister.com. Through the website, you can also gain access to his poetry on his Patreon account or get a tee shirt. 
As always, thanks to our pals for making this podcast possible! You know who you are! 
Guess who received a Trophy for being pretty much the best podcast in Texas?! That's right it's us! This week in the treehouse we thank our benefactor for the trophy, Ivy puts her COVID-19 vaccine to the test, and Susie lets you know how Peter Parker (her spider plant) is doing. We also discuss Real Housewives of SLC and what Ivy's tagline would be if she and Alison were on the show. Susie is taking care of herself and did she *really* need an oil change? In this week's Thanks for the Memories - one of us has a roster in play and you know how we always talk about Red Flags vs. Deal Breakers? Well, what about Green Flags?! 
This episode was a lot of fun. Let us know what you think in the comments! 
As always, thanks to our pals for making this podcast possible! You know who you are! 

Happy birthday to us! We have Dustin Schneider (from the Jerry Jonestown Massacre Podcast) and Jeffrey Lord (from Funkytown Podcast) join us for a very special anniversary episode of Fort Worth Famous. It is also Dustin's birthday and so we were celebrating all around. Listen in and find out what we've all been obsessed with over the past two weeks. Dustin tells us who is the most beautiful woman he's ever met. Jeff tells us about a podcast we should all be listening to. Susie admits about her inner petty self to the group and Ivy spills the beans about what's been happening in her dating life. We pass out gifts, talk about our favorite episodes of the past year and what we hope for the year ahead. This was a super fun episode and kick-ass start to year two of our podcast! 

Thanks to all our pals! 

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