Hi, friends! Sorry for our absence, but the good news is we have been recording! In this episode, Bryan and Katie joined me while Susie was in California for a very special sibling edition (read: plenty of sarcasm, jokes, and roasting each other) of Fort Worth Famous. Of course, we discuss our obsessions, the lesson we learned about the best appetizer to entre ratio,  and Bryan and Katie let you guys know what they think MY red flags are. 

My favorite part about this episode is that we start and end the show with laughs. You"ll have to listen to find out what had us in giggles. You will also hear all about our obsession with RHOSLC and how we both almost died in separate events. Susie got a new neighbor and Ivy got a date and we both have a lot to say about what we've been up to the past couple of weeks. 

We have a new game on the way, but in the meantime Ivy pulls some fun questions from an old game. What makes up the perfect man?! 
Thanks to all our pals that make this show possible! 
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Ivy and Susie are back in the treehouse! Listen in as we catch you up on our Real Housewives obsession, Susie's new fridge, and look - Susie is a super nosey neighbor... Who would have ever predicted that? Is there new drama in Ivy's friends group? And guess who forgot the red flags vs. deal breakers she found in the jar? Ivy and siblings had lots of fun adventures around the Dee Eff Dub before Kyle left and guess at which store Susie spent that family fortune. 
Get outside to see some music this weekend with The Me-Thinks and Beaumonts with Carey Wolff at Lola's Trailer Park. It's gonna be HOT though, so please hydrate! 
Thanks to all our pals that make this show possible! You know who you are! <3 

This special *~*Saturday*~* edition brought to you by the 60 hour workweek Ivy had!

Hey Friends! Kyle is with us one more time before he leaves for school in the great white north! Join us as we talk about new book collections, Susie's new rumble jar, and just what the heck a Museum of Clean is. We also discuss travel bucket lists, Big Boys, and work, work, and more work. Red Flags vs. Deal Breakers Reddit edition was lots of fun and I REALLY need to know how you all feel about strap beards, so let us know in the comments. 

Thanks to all our pals for making our podcast possible!  You know who you are! 
Welcome back to the Treehouse! Ivy is home from California and brought her cousin, Kyle, along for the show! Listen in as we discuss birthday trips, conspiracy theories, and obsessions! Kyle has been watching a series on Netflix called Heist and tells us all about his favorite ride at Disneyland - major spoiler alerts for anyone looking to visit there soon. In this special edition of Thanks for the Memories, Ivy gives us the most memorable pickup lines she's received and we tell her if we would use them (Kyle) or if they would work on us (Susie). 
All in all, it's a super fun episode. Let us know what you think in the comments. 
Shoutout to all our pals that make this possible! You know who you are! :) 

Ivy is in California this episode, so Susie had her two best pals - Dustin Schneider and Jeff Lord - help her with the show! Controlled chaos is how to best describe it. Listen in as we talk about all the things! Why is Jeff obsessed with Robotuner's last podcast, does Susie have a new ghost, and just what was Dustin's favorite part of Record Store Day? This episode's Red Flags vs. Deal Breakers comes from a man's perspective and sparks a lot of conversation. 

Ivy was really missed this episode,  but she'll be back next time so we can talk about all the fun things that happened on her birthday trip! 

Fireworks and Birthday Month! 

It's the 4th of July and the start of Ivy's birthday month! In this episode, you will find out who gave Ivy her first birthday gift this year, what plans have been added to the birthday trip, and did she really buy a new pair of shoes? We also hear all about Susie's trip to Utah and which shows (yes, they are back and in full swing!) are on the radar for the girls in the next few weeks! 
As always, it was a super fun episode for us! Thanks to all our pals that help make this podcast possible! 
Ivy will be off on her trip next episode but never fear... Susie's got it covered! 

Hi, Friends! 

We recorded this episode on Father's day AND the first official day of Summer! My favorite season! Join us as we talk about lemonade spritzers, the Me-Thinks show at Lola's, and why I had to delete Facebook off my phone! I also got a call explaining "single enough," Susie asks me about same-day dates, and oh yeah...wait until you hear where I get hit on the most. 


As always, thanks to our pals for making this show happen!

Hi, friends and HBD to our fave city! Well, it was when we recorded lol Join us this week as we discuss whether obsessing over new pans makes you an adult, bad relationship habits, and all the shenanigans we've been up to lately!


As always, thanks to our pals for making our podcast happen!

Hi, friends! We're back in the Treehouse this week talking about Susie's favorite tv shows and Instagram reels lately, how our Real Housewives icon shocks us this season, and Ivy's inability to sleep through the night! Summer is finally almost here which means lots of travel plans, celebrating birthdays, and more live shows from our fave Fort Worth bands. And don't worry, Ivy updates everyone on the Tinder experiment. 

As always, thanks to our pals for making this episode possible!

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