Welcome back to the Treehouse, friends! It's HOT in Texas already and the treehouse is blessedly cool. Ivy and Susie tackle all the usual subjects - Trash TV, TikTok, Mother's Day, and the last few events at Lola's Saloon and Trailer Park before they move. Which one of Ivy's friend's is she mad at at? Susie makes a visit to Daiso, and running errands leads to a big surprise for Ivy!  Thanks for the Memories contains a much needed reminder about how to treat others and we wrap up the show with a quick Music Minute. 

Big thanks to The Funky Panther, It's Probably You, and Corks in Cowtown Podcasts for putting together the Podcasts and PBR mixer. We had a lot of fun meeting new podcasts and other small business owners in our lovely little town! 


love you, mean it! 

Welcome back to the Tree House! In this episode we discuss our obsessions with the Johnny Depp trial, the Louis Vuitton Spring Collection, and Marilyn Monroe. Susie and Ivy review what they've been up to for the last three weeks... Art, music, and fun with friends and family! We talk about Raya, play red flags, and discuss, in depth, the proper way to eat a Fruit Roll Up. 

A great big thanks to all our pals for helping make this show possible! Let us know how you eat a fruit roll up in the comments! 

Don't forget... Lola's is closing it's current location and are hosting a series of last shows, so check them out! 


love you, meant it! 


In this episode: Ivy had pre-workout before her workout and we learn how it affected her. Susie is obsessed with the weather and her outdoor daybed. Ivy is obsessed with Holly Madison and her new shoes. A drunk driver took out half of Susie's street and we find out all about the Rules for April. We have half the month left to follow the rules. My favorite is to make a Never Have I Ever List and then do those things. How much fun is that?! 

Susie saw Big Cliff perform for the first time last weekend and had her mind blown. If you see him on a bill, do not sleep on it! 

Big thanks to all our pals that make this podcast possible and to all of you who listen and let us know what you think about our fun little show! 

Love you, mean it! Byeeeee! 

Hello, Friends! We are getting back to the topics, people, and places that make Fort Worth Famous! This episode we focus on a popular brunch spot and pop up market we stumbled upon. We also discuss camping, taking back roads, SXSW, and both of us went fishing! The Red Flags game was fun, as usual, and we have a mystery that needs to be solved! Lastly, go to MASS this Saturday 04/02 to celebrate Marlin and Trashpockets of the Me-Thinks along with The Prof Fuzz 63 and The Cush

Woo! Life has been busy for us, so it's taken a minute to get this episode recorded and up. We've missed y'all! Susie went to Utah, Ivy enjoyed some Sin Pancakes, and we both have opinions on The Batman.

Thanks for the Memories is always a good segment and this one is no different. We have advice from a relationship scientist, a new game, and discuss if love is really blind - or is it blurry? 

Let us know what you think in the comments! 

As always, a great big thank you to our pals that help make this podcast possible! You know who you are. <3 

Hey Party People! Ivy created an adventure for her sister and cousin to go on and that is the main focus of our podcast. It was my first time hearing all about it and it was everything I could have hoped for.

We, of course, touch on obsessions, other things we've been up to, and find out what's been going on in Ivy's dating world and the show's we love! 

If you're in Texas, early voting is open until Friday 02/25 at 7pm. Election day is Tuesday 03/01/2022. For more information about what is on the ballot, visit https://www.texastribune.org/2022/01/17/texas-primary-election-2022-voter-guide/ 


love you, mean it! 

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Listen in as we discuss two of Ivy's favorites, Valentine's Day and the Super Bowl. You'll also learn if Susie saved her neighbor's dog (Parker, I'm looking at you), what Ivy is doing as a workout, and just what a Crush List is. You would think with as much as we talked about TikTok this episode it would be one of our obsessions, but it's not.

This is another fun one for us, but let us know what you think in the comments, along with who would make your Crush List. 

Don't forget - Henry the Archer has a show coming up at MASS on 02/19/2022! See you all there! 

Love you, mean it! 

Fort Worth Famous is two years old! We have much to discuss as we get a year older: Tumeric shots, roller skates, and we have a new family member that we are both obsessed with! Find out who blindsided Ivy with a crazy conversation, why Susie is so proud of herself and who the heck is West Elm Caleb?! 

Ivy and Susie have both been to some epic shows recently and guess what's coming up?

Big Heaven at MASS 01/29

Uncle Toasty at Tulips 01/29

and the return of Henry The Archer on 02/19!!! 


big BIG shout out to all our pals that make our podcast possible - including all of you that listen, comment, and share with us what you think! 


Love you, mean it! 

Welcome to 2022! Ivy and Susie ring in the New Year talking about our planners - we love a good paper planner, how we spent the holidays (including a WILD ride at MASS on NYE), and you will never guess who has popped back into Ivy's dating life. 

You can catch our year end wrap up on the 12/28/2021 episode of Jerry Jonestown Massacre with our friends from Robotuner's Insignificant Podcast and Old Guys in a Garage here: http://jerryjonestownmassacre.com/

Shout out to all our friends that make our podcast possible. Love you, mean it! 



We are at Episode 50 and our pal, Joe Tacke, joins us for a super fun chat! We discuss our current obsessions, planning for 2022, Susie got a bidet, and we have an update about Mr. Starbucks. Joe talks to us about how he got started in audio engineering and some of his most memorable projects so far. Susie has a sideline red flag to discuss and happened upon a birthday party while attending a Mean Motor Scooter show. 

Join us at Main at South Side for A Very Toasty NYE and from both of us to all of you... 

Happy Holidays! 

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